August 31, 2016

Stake Holders

Customers (Distributors, wholesalers and retailers)

Our achievements depend on the success of our distributors, wholesalers and retailers. At Bhandari Foods, we recognize that every business is unique in its core values, strategies and vision.
We want to open up a world of possibilities for you and that’s why Bhandari Foods is more than just another company; we believe in co-creation.
Our relation with our stakeholders does not end at sales; we will be your partners in business development by helping you create strategies that alleviate your core competencies and increase not just your revenue but also build your brand name.
Our objective is to form a partnership that binds your trusted business name with our extraordinary quality and healthy food products.

“Forging a relationship of trust with our customers requires consistency and dependability, this is our promise to you.”


“We are driven by more than the combination of promises made and promises kept, we are driven by creating an extraordinary experience for you.”

The markets today are highly competitive and we see customer satisfaction as the key to our success. Consequently, we give ultimate significance to the utility maximization of our consumer so as to surpass their expectations. At Bhandari Foods, we strive to provide our consumers with unwavering high standards in quality, value, consistency, product range and service with best basmati rice. Your satisfaction is our priority, fostering a continuous commitment in order to attain your happiness therefore we leave no stone upturned in providing you the healthy food products.

Associates (Employees)

To nurture an environment which provides our valued employees with opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally so that each individual is able to fulfil their potential and make valuable contributions to the company’s vision and to compensate the employees adequately through a merit based system of remuneration and benefits.

Community and Planet

“Preceding the financial gains, is the affection for this community and earth.”

To fulfil our corporate social responsibility by playing an active role towards improving the quality of life in the communities where we work through meaningful initiatives which support them economically and socially by supporting projects that care for the environment and foster stewardship of the land through socially responsible projects.


To create value maximization for our shareholders through value based management and striving to take decisions which add value to the company operations and maximize return for all parties involved.

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